Welcome to the Animal Section here on LearnCreateLove.com! Here you will find tons of animal crafts – both common and non. If you can’t find an animal that you need or want to craft, e-mail me! I’m always looking for fun new animal crafts to design! There is also a ‘search’ button below in case you need to search for something specific. Please check out the Terms of Use for our printable crafts! Thanks, and enjoy!

Under the Sea

Fish, Crabs & Other Water Dwellers

Swimming with Fins

Shells & Tentacles

More Water Dwellers

Reptiles & Amphibians

Frogs, Snakes, Lizards, & More!


Extinct but still excellent!

Mammals & More

Pets: Cats, Dogs, & Bunny Rabbits

Mammals & More

Zoo animals, farm animals, wildlife, and more!

Farm Animals

Mammals & Wildlife

Big Cats
Bears & Pandas
Monkeys & Primates
Other Mammals
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