Printable Hedgehog Craft

A while back, we made this cute hedgehog/porcupine craft, as well as this handprint one and I thought it was time to create a new one with a spin on it.

This one is of a cute little hog laying on its back. We painted ours in a rainbow of blues, purples and pinks. =) You can print the template below! Also be sure to scroll for some fun hedgehog facts!

Open & Print: Hedgehog Craft

Facts About Hedgehogs:
– Hedgehogs are mammals that have thick spines covering their bodies. Their spines are used as a defense against predators.
– Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals.
– They get their name from foraging around bushes and hedges in search of their favorite foods – worms, insects, centipedes, mice, frogs, snails, and even snakes!
– Hedgehogs hibernate in cold climates.
– They live around 6 years and weigh around 1.5 pounds (700g).

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