Baboon Printable Craft


On our mission to do an African Savannah theme during our spring break, we came across the baboon! This cheeky (hehe) primate was fun to find and design, and Lorelai enjoyed painting & assembling him. Grab your printable copy below and check out the fun baboon facts at the bottom of this point. Enjoy!

Open & Print: Baboon Craft

Facts About Baboons
– There are 5 different species of baboons and all of them live in Africa or Arabia.
– Baboons are some of the world’s largest monkeys. Males average from 33-82 pounds (15-37 kg)
– They prefer the savannah and other semi-arid habitats.
– They do not have prehensile (gripping) tails, but they can climb the trees to sleep, eat, or watch out for trouble.
– They eat fruits, grasses, seeds, bark, roots, meat, and are very fond of eating farmers’ crops.
– They are known to form large troops of baboons, from dozens to even hundreds with a complex hierarchy system.
– They can live around 30 years.
– Read more about baboons here.

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