Gazelle Printable Craft


Continuing on with the African Savannah theme, today I’m posting the Gazelle craft we made last week. Lore (7) was really funny when she was painting these crafts. She’s usually really laid back when picking out colors to paint her animals, but she insisted on making the Savannah animals realistically colored. So that meant lots and lots of mixing paints to get the “right” shades. Did we succeed? Who knows! But she was happy with them. =) Grab your copy of the printable below and enjoy!

Open & Print: Gazelle Craft

Facts About Gazelles
– Gazelles are medium-sized antelopes that live in herds of up to hundreds!
– They are found in Africa and Asia.
– They can run up to 40 mph, making them hard to catch for big prey such as wild dogs and cheetahs.
– They have beautiful ringed horns.
– They live between 10-12 years on average.
– Read more about gazelles here.

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