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Another addition to our African Savannah animal list is this Leopard. This big cat has always been one of Lorelai’s favorites. When she was younger, she crafted these baby big cats (make one a leopard!) and was excited to do this adult version. She had fun with the spots and got quite creative in a few areas. Instead of using a marker to draw the spots, I was thinking that bubble wrap would also be fun – just dip the bubble-side into some black paint and gently press around the leopard. Grab your copy of the printable below, and don’t forget to check out the fun facts at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! (NOTE: this template could be used for almost any big cat – just paint it differently and you’ll have a different cat!)

Open & Print: Leopard Craft

Facts About Leopards
– Leopards are an endangered species.
– They are strong hunters and love being in trees. In fact, they often drag their prey into trees to eat them!
– They are nocturnal.
– They are very stealthy and often hunt antelope, pigs, and deer under the cover of tall grasses.
– They are also strong swimmers and love to be in water.
– Leopards are light colored with black spots called rosettes. There are also black leopards, commonly known as black panthers.
– Read more about Leopards here.

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