Tasmanian Devil Printable Craft


Tasmanian devils are fierce creatures. In most of the pictures I’ve seen, their mouths are wide open and their sharp teeth are very prominent. So I designed this scary printable to reflect their fiesty personalities. Lorelai immediately dubbed it as ‘CREEPY’ and had fun painting it. She made it even more silly by using blue sparkly paint and a silly googly eye. Grab the printable below and enjoy!!

Open Tasmanian Devil Printable

Facts About Tasmanian Devils
– Tasmanian devils are notoriously cranky creatures. They fly into a maniacal rage when threatened, fighting for a mate, or defending a meal.
– They have course brown or black hair and are very stocky, which makes them look like a baby bear.
– Most have a white stripe or patch across its chest.
– They have long front legs and shorter back legs.
– They are carnivores, surviving on small prey such as snakes, birds, fish, and insects.
– They are nocturnal, spending their days alone. They emerge at night to feed.
– To read more fun facts about tasmanian devils, go here.

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  1. Thank you for the printable! We have been learning about Australia and Tasmania. I printed it on dark grey paper and the kids cut out and put the shapes together on a large piece of white paper and then added the details of fur and food for their Tazzy Devil to eat. They enjoyed this craft alongside videos of Tasmanian Devils on viewpure .com.

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