Handprint Polar Bear Craft


Handprint crafts are some of our favorite crafts, and this one proved to be no exception. I initially intended to do this one only with my 10 month-old. I’ve been seriously slacking with the baby crafts and thought this one would be perfect. Lorelai was painting at the time and she decided to jump in and do one as well – perfect!

Note: Baby handprints are EXTREMELY difficult to do perfectly. Don’t set your expectation bar too high with this one. 😉 I had 4 pieces of blue foam sheets ready for multiple prints because I just knew she would smear them. WE GOT LUCKY, however, and I got a decent print on the first try. Big sister held one hand down while I painted and pressed the other. It went so smoothly. However, if Lorelai hadn’t been there to help, it would have been a hot mess. So my tips is: have somebody there to help restrain flailing arms. 😉

Blue foam sheets (or construction paper)
White Paint
Googly Eye (optional)
Black Sharpie Marker

– Paint your child’s hand white.
– Carefully press down onto your sheet of blue paper/foam. (Then quickly go wash their hands before white paint gets everywhere!)
– Use a brush or your finger to fill in any missing spots. Add a little tuft for the tail and ears now.
– Allow to dry.
– Finish off the polar bear by adding details – eyes, smile, etc.
– Don’t forget to date your craft for future reference. =)

I hope you get around to doing this one with your child. Handprint crafts are pretty easy to do and super fun to look back on. Don’t forget to check out the other polar bear craft I posted earlier this week!

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