Giant Burmese Python Craft


Today I’m posting a GIANT SNAKE! A Burmese Python to be exact, though you could easily modify it (just paint right on over those spots!) if you want a less-specific snake. I had to make the snake a bit skinnier than I would have liked in order to get it to fit on the printables and still keep it super long. There are actually 4 pages of this printable.

We painted all of the pieces at once, then allowed to dry. Then we cut out pieces #1 and #2 and glued them together. I definitely recommend this method. If you cut out all of the pieces at once (or first), they will get all jumbled up and you won’t know how to assemble them. Go in order and do only one piece at a time… it should go smoothly. =)


After everything is glued/taped together, the snake should reach over 4 feet long!! I don’t have a tape measurer on hand but I just know it’s taller than my 50″ tall daughter! Print below and enjoy!

Open & Print: Burmese Python Craft

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