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Lorelai and I are working on a new theme during spring break — the African Savannah! One of the first animals that came to mind in that category was the warthog. We recently watched Lion King and Pumba is one of the characters in that movie that we both loved. Designing and crafting this one was a treat! Grab your printable copy below and check out the facts at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Open & Print: Warthog Craft

Facts About Warthogs
– The “spikes” and bumps on the warthogs face… are the warts!
– They are in the same family as domestic pigs, though they look a bit different.
– They have 4 tusks (though our printable only shows two)
– They eat grasses and plants and use their snouts to dig for roots and bulbs.
– They can run really fast, up to 30 mph!
– They live about 15 years.
– They can go long periods without drinking water.
– Read more about warthogs here.

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