Handprint Hedgehog Craft


I have been so obsessed over handprint crafts with my 18 month-old daughter, Madeline. Not only do they turn out so cute, but she loves doing them as well! Last week we made this adorable hedgehog craft. I figured the fingers would be perfect little spikes. So cute! We made a printable hedgehog/porcupine craft a while back that you can also check out.

What You’ll Need:
– Cardstock paper or a paper plate
– brown paint
– paint brush
– black marker

What To Do: Draw a small hedgehog face using the photo above as a guide. Then, paint your child’s hand brown and press down going outward from the face. I used two different shades of brown for detail. I was able to press her hand twice before there wasn’t enough paint.

Tip: Sit your child in his/her highchair in just a diaper. The less mess they make with the paint, the less stressed you will be! Also, keep calm and be patient. You can see from our picture that not every handprint comes out perfect, and that’s okay!! It’s not supposed to be perfect. It also helps if you can distract them and quickly press their hand down while they are looking away.

I hope you decide to make this one with your little! Happy crafting!

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