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Good morning! I was just looking and I saw that my last post here on LCL was over a month ago! I swear I don’t know where time went. My baby turned one on March 21st. It seems like just yesterday I was announcing that I was pregnant with her. =) My mom flew in from the east coast for her party and that, paired with Easter and other family celebrations, kept us busy.

I’ve been sitting on this craft for a while but I’m happy to share it now! Today it’s all about this black caiman crocodile craft! I’m sure you’ve heard about caimans before, but if not, scroll down to the bottom of this post and read some fun facts about them. They are fascinating!

We are continuing on with our rainforest theme. I’ll link up all of our rainforest animals once we are done with this unit. =) For now, you can check out our Rainforest Week post from when we visited it a few years ago, or check out our reptile tag! Print this craft below, and enjoy!

Open & Print: Black Caiman Crocodile Craft

Facts about Caimans:
– There are six species of caimans, though black caimans are the largest, which grows over 16 feet (5m) in length! They are also the only caiman species to be considered dangerous.
– Caimans live in rivers, swamps, forests, and marshes of Central and South America. This includes the rainforest!
– They are carnivorous animals, which means they like to eat meat! Black Caimans like to hunt mammals such as capybaras and even jaguars.
– Caimans lay eggs in a nest built out of grasses and soil. The vegetation at the bottom of the nest settles and rots, which heats up the eggs.
– Temperature differences in the nest determine the sex of the hachlings – cooler temperatures produce males, warmer – females.
– Caimans are similar to alligators but are techinically crocodiles. They have small differences such as pointed snots and sharper teeth.
– Like many rainforest animals, caimans are threatened as a species because of habitat loss due to deforestation.

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