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Pandas are hands-down one of the cutest animals out there, according to my eight-year-old daughter, Lorelai. She requested another panda craft recently. She made this adorable one & a red panda a long time ago, so we were due for another. She specifically requested a “super cute baby panda”. This one fits the bill.

Instead of doing another side-view animal, I wanted to switch it up and do a craft from the front. So you’re looking at the panda’s face and front legs — the rest of the body his assumed to be hidden behind those features. =) Print below and enjoy!!

Open & Print: Panda Craft

Facts About Pandas
– Pandas are an endangered species.
– They eat about 28 pounds of bamboo a day!
– Fully grown, pandas weigh around 300 pounds (136kg)
– Wild pandas only live in remote, mountainous regions of China.
– They are very solitary animals.

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