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I’m Kimmie!

Mom. Designer. Picture taker. Chaos coordinator.

Hey there! Designing printable crafts and art projects for my two daughters has been an amazing creative outlet for me over the years. And bonus! They’ve LOVED it! I hope you enjoy your visit. Utilize that search feature in the top right corner to find a project to do with your little one/students/etc. =)

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Printable Mammals Worksheet
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Printable Mammals Worksheet

I’ve been working with Maddie on animal classification for a while now. It’s one of those concepts you hit on a little every year. Third grade has been no exception! I decided to make this printable mammal worksheet aimed towards elementary-aged kids to help Maddie remember mammal characteristics/facts/etc. There’s a place where they can write…

Summer Crafting

If your weather is anything like Texas’ weather in the peak of summer, you’re going to need some fun crafts to make with your kids INDOORS. Here are some summer-themed crafts your little ones will love.

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Learning Fun

Homeschooling wasn’t my choice at first, but I wouldn’t have it any other way now. Here are some of the newer printables and activities we have shared.

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