bookoftheweek Hey there! I’m excited to introduce a new weekly project here on LearnCreateLove: Book of the Week! It’s simple and straightforward – each week, Lorelai and I will pick one of our favorite children’s book and feature it here. There is no theme to picking the books… we will just choose one that we enjoy regularly. Click on the titles below to see our reviews and get links to purchase the books!

The books recommended here are great for pre-schoolers, budding readers, and older kids who just love to read short, fun stories!

Week 1: Mr. Pusskins
Week 2: 47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea
Week 3: The Foolish Tortoise
Week 4: Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
Week 5: Giraffes Can’t Dance
Week 6: Z is for Moose
Week 7: I Am The Dog
Week 8: Say What?
Week 9: Cindy Moo
Week 10: Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet
Week 11: My Granny is a Pirate
Week 12: Bad Kitty
Week 13: Squirrel’s Busy Day
Week 14: Duck, Duck, Moose!
Week 15: Cat Napped
Week 16: Miss Smith Under the Ocean
Week 17: Count the Monkeys