Realistic Lion Printable Crafts


When coming up with a list of animals for our African Savannah unit, the lion was at the top of our list. In the past, we have made a cartoon lion craft and a paper plate lion mask, but this is the first realistic version. We decided to go for the whole family this time — the male, female, and cubs. I made the printable so that you only have to open one PDF file – it’s all together. Just make sure you have 3 pieces of cardstock when you go to print. Enjoy!

Open & Print: Lion Family Crafts

Facts About Lions
– Lions live in groups called ‘prides’.
– Male lions boast manes, a big fringe of hair that encircles their heads.
– Males defend the pride’s territory, which they mark clearly with the scent of their urine.
– Female lions are the pride’s hunters. They often work together to prey upon antelopes, zebras, wildebeests, zebras, etc.
– Most lions on earth live in Africa, though a very small population can be found in India’s Gir Forest.
– Read more about lions here.

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