Poison Dart Frog Printable Craft


I’ve mentioned before that we currently live in the Houston area. The city and its suburbs got a tremendous amount of rain, and the kids had off the entire week. We were lucky enough to mostly escape the water – our home is on high enough ground, but some of our neighbors weren’t so lucky. In trying to find things to do while Lore was home, we ended up making a LOT of crafts, both printable and non. She was actually sick for most of the week (thankfully it landed during a time she was off) but she was so eager to paint and get her hands messy.

A while back, I told you all that she wanted to do more rainforest animals. The poison dart frog is one that she had on the list, and we both were excited about this one. She chose her frog to be blue with black spots, though poison dart frogs can come in many colors. Grab the free printable template below and enjoy!

Open & Print: Poison Dart Frog Craft

Check out our other fun rainforest frog: (Click the pic!)


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  1. Thanks so much! I printed the template on brightly colored paper, then we wrote facts about amphibians on the back of the finished frog. Great activity!

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