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The Fennec is probably one of those adorable animals out there — at least in my opinion! My mom recently bought my seven-year-old a t-shirt that has an illustration of a Fennec. She suggested I make it into a craft. While this one doesn’t look like the shirt, it’s still pretty cute. And instead of white and tan colors, she chose to get creative and make her Fennec purple. What color will your child paint their craft? Grab the free printable template below!

Open Fennec Printable

Facts About Fennec Foxes
– The Fennec fox is the smallest type of fox in the world.
– They have huge, bat-like ears that helps radiate body heat and keep them cool in the desert.
– They mostly live in Northern Africa and the Sahara desert.
– They also have long hair that helps keep them warm in the cold nights and protects them from the hot sun.
– They live in underground den in small communities of about ten foxes.
– They are omnivores and eat both plants and small rodents, eggs, reptiles, and insects.
– They can go a long time without water.
– Read more fun facts about Fennec foxes here.

I hope you get a chance to craft one of these cute mammals! You can also check out our regular fox craft.

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