Paper bag (brown lunch sack) puppets are a classic craft many have made before. They are one of our favorite types of crafts to make – my 8 year-old still loves them! We are happy to share some of our printable puppet templates with you all!

PRINTABLE Puppet Sets:
Frog Puppet *printable*
(more coming soon!)

Classic Puppet Sets:
Eagle Puppet
Frog Puppet
Giraffe Puppet
Owl Puppet
Puppy Puppet
Reindeer Puppet
Turkey Puppet

Materials & Directions for Printable Puppets:
– Paper (plain printer paper if using crayons/markers, cardstock for paint)
– Printer
– Materials to color and decorate

1. Print the puppet. Please note the number of pages in each PDF file. Also read the entire post for any *notes*. Sometimes you may need to print the entire PDF file. Sometimes there will be different options within, which means you may only need to print certain pages. Just read the post and look over the PDF file ahead of time.

2. Have you child color or paint the printables. Each piece is labeled.
— “Top Flap” is usually the actual bottom of the bag (you turn it upside down to form the puppet). It’s usually the “head” of the animal. I will normally mark this when labeling.
— “Underneath Flap” is just that – it’s the piece that gets glued right under the top flap.
— Arms/legs/accessories – glue down wherever it looks good! You can put them on the back or front.

3. Allow the paint and glue to dry, then play! Check out our Homemade Puppet Theater to go along with your paper bag puppets!