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Lorelai and I are working hard on completing our African Savannah theme this week while she’s off of school for Spring Break. I doubt we’ll get all of the crafts up on the website in that short of time, but they will be posted soon. Today I’m sharing the Wildebeest craft I designed and she painted. The Wildebeest, or gnu, is a really interesting animal. Grab your printable copy of the craft below and be sure to check out the facts at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Open & Print: Wildebeest Craft

Facts About Wildebeests
– Wildebeests earned their “wild beast” name from locals because of their fierce look and sharp horns.
– They are actually prey to the savannah’s more deadly animals – lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas.
– They are also known as gnus and is a member of the antelope family.
– They travel in large herds and actively graze both day and night.
– They are herbivores and can live around 20 years.
– Read more about wildebeests here.

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