Sidewinder Rattlesnake Printable Craft


Moving on from the Pronghorn & Tarantula crafts that I posted earlier this week, here is a Sidewinder Rattlesnake! This reptile is found in the desert as well. It’s been a while since we did a snake craft. The last ones we did were: Paper Chain Snake, King Snake, Printable Snake, Stocking Snake. Check those out when you have a minute; they are cute! Back to the sidewinder, grab your copy of the free template below!

Open & Print Sidewinder Rattlesnake Craft

Facts About Sidewinder Rattlesnakes
– They are venomous, but only to animals up to 30 lbs. They are not so harmful to humans except for small children.
– They are found in the SW deserts of the United States.
– They grow up to 25 inches and are the color of sand… this helps them hide in the sandy desert!
– They eat lizards, kangaroo rats, and other small mammals.


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