Printable Paper Bag Puppet Craft: Frog


I’m so excited to share our first printable paper bag puppet set! I’ve been brainstorming this for ages, but finally got around to designing them last weekend. The first craft we are sharing is this adorable frog puppet! Lorelai was so excited to see this. It was definitely a nice switch from our usual crafts!


For this one, we used regular printer paper and she worked with colored pencils to color in the frog. If you are planning on using paint, please use cardstock. It’s heavier and will hold the paint better. Check out the Paper Bag Puppet Page for instructions if you need them. It’s pretty straight-forward. =) Print below and enjoy!

Open & Print: Paper Bag Frog Puppet (2 pages)

(Print out, color/paint, cut out, and glue down to the paper bag. More detailed instructions will come soon, but it’s super easy. If you have any problems shoot me a message in the comments or email me!)

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