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Whenever I think of newts, I think of that scene in the movie Matilda where the students put a newt in the evil headmaster’s water glass. It’s a classic! A reader suggested this craft, and I’m glad she did. Lorelai loved it. I made this one with only two legs. With the side-angle of the newt itself, you wouldn’t be able to see the back legs anyway. Lorelai chose to paint her newt a bright sparky red. Grab your newt template below!

Open Newt Printable

Facts About Newts
– Newts are amphibians.
– Newts can regenerate (regrow!) limbs, eyes, spinal cords, hearts, intestines, and jaws!
– Female newts lay one egg at a time. Once she knows it’s in the perfect spot, she closes the leaf around the egg and glues it shut over the egg.
– Newts are carnivorous – they are great predators of other pond animals.
– Newts hibernate in the winter, usually under logs and stones, but some spend the season at the bottom of the pond.
– Many newts produce toxins in their skin secretions as a defense mechanism against predators.
– Read more fun facts about newts here.

I hope you get a chance to make this newt craft with your child or students. A big thanks to Stephanie for suggesting this one!

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