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Today I’m sharing this super cute coati craft. The coati is a neat animal that lives in Central and South America, and is closely related to the raccoon! Lorelai found this one in her animal encyclopedia and asked me to make her the template. With its ringed tail and long, pointy nose, this animal is pretty adorable. The printable comes with darkened stripes on the tail. Just paint those the darker color. Grab the template below and enjoy!!

Open & Print: Coati Craft

Facts About the Coati:
– The coati is a mammal that lives mostly in South and Central America.
– It is closely related to the raccoon.
– Like the raccoon, it’s around the size of a large house cat, likes to be in the trees, and has a ringed tail.
– Unlike the raccoon, the coati is NOT nocturnal. It sleeps during the night!
– The coati loves to eat, and uses its long, flexible nose to search gaps between rocks and under leaves for grubs. THey also like to eat fruit, rodents, lizards, small snakes, and insects.

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