Paper Plate and String Spiderweb Craft


It’s time for another fun Halloween craft, this time a classic! I remember threading string through a paper plate to make spiderwebs and dream-catchers when I was a little girl. Just as I expected, Lorelai loved it! It was so simple she did everything by herself. What You’ll Need: Paper plate (black, or you can […]

Lion Mask Craft


Roar! Who doesn’t love a cute mask craft, especially if it’s a lion? I think this one turned out so cute and I’m excited to share. We actually crafted this at the same time we crafted the cheetah mask… I’m just way behind on blogging due to school starting & our upcoming move. The materials […]

Paper Plate Owl Craft


Another owl? Yes, another owl. If you don’t know, we’re just a bit owl & butterfly obsessed! Lorelai and I crafted this paper plate owl last week after supper when things were winding down. It was very simple and came out really cute! Materials You’ll Need: 2 Paper Plates Brown Paint + paintbrushes Scissors Glue […]

{ Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft }


Need an easy, fun, and ADORABLE craft? This is it! The pictures I took really don’t do this paper plate jellyfish craft any justice. It’s actually really, really cute! The process itself is also very simple. Lorelai practically did it all by herself. Directions are below… enjoy! Here are some other jellyfish crafts we’ve done: […]

{ Simple Apple Craft }

Simple, Paper Plate Apple Craft

Apples are the fruit of autumn, at least according to Lorelai. She was happy to make this cute apple craft a couple of weeks ago (yes, I’m just now getting around to blogging it). I originally saw the pin here on Pinterest and knew we’d have to do it to add to our apple collection. […]

Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Ever since I saw this craft on Pinterest, I knew we would have to do it! I can’t do a direct link since I’ve seen so many versions of the same one, and oddly didn’t pin any of them. (Oops!) Anyway, tonight after dinner, Lorelai excitedly painted this little guy. He was so simple to […]

{ Paper Plate Apple Craft }

Paper Plate Apple Craft

We are on an apple craft kick this week. I blame it on the fact that I’m finally in fall-mode. Don’t hate me for this, but this summer actually wasn’t that bad. We made the most of it. Lots of swimming pool adventures, morning park playdates, indoor playgrounds, and more. Add to that the fact […]

{ Olympic Rings Craft }

Lorelai Painting

It’s time for the Olympics! Talk about the Olympics is everywhere these days, so I thought it’d be fun for Lore to do a craft of the Olympic rings. Did you know that each the rings represent the five major regions of the world? Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Lorelai, however, would tell […]

{ Earth Day Craft }

Lore's Paper Plate Craft

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22nd, and to ‘celebrate’ we made this cute earth craft. I’ve seen this one all over pinterest, but done in a variety of ways. A bunch had one handprint, and one footprint, but I really didn’t want to get into all of that. We just stuck with two handprints ~ […]

{ Paper Plate Santa }

Santa Craft - she looks so proud!

Lorelai was so excited about this Santa craft, which you can obviously see in the first picture above. She was “ho-ho-ho’ing” the entire time she was making it, LOL! It’s very simple to make and probably doesn’t need a how-to, but since it only takes a second to write it… enjoy! Materials We Used 1 […]

{ Paper Plate Jack-o-Lanterns }


We flew back to Houston early yesterday morning, and Lorelai has been missing all of the non-stop attention she got from my family up there. She was crawling up the walls this afternoon, so I decided to do a craft with her. We’ve missed it, and are way behind on Halloween crafts… Here’s one, Paper […]

{ Paper Plate Cow }


It was an extra early morning today and I had to find something to do to help fill out our morning. Lorelai is always up for crafting so that’s what we did! Today we did a paper plate cow, another classic paper plate animal. This one is really simple and only features the head and […]

{ Bubble Paint “Blowfish” }

Blowing the paint bubbles & popping them with the plate to create a cool effect.

Ah, the classic fish craft. If you’ve ever gone looking for a fish craft, you have probably come across this one a million times. I decided to spruce this one up with a fun painting technique called bubble painting. This technique is one I’ve also come across a lot lately, with varying instructions. My favorite […]

{ Scratch Art Flower }

Coloring the flower

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, Lorelai asked to do a craft. I had been wanting to do scratch art with her for a long time, but I always forgot… until today! I decided to make it more than just scratch art by making a flower as well, since it’s spring. Lorelai loved it! After […]

{ Monkey Craft }

Chatting away about how awesome her monkey is going to be.

Lorelai has been asking pretty much all day to do a monkey craft and I finally gave in. Here is Mr. Monkey. A paper plate, a piece of cardstock, two googly eyes, paint, and some glue and we have another paper plate animal to hang on the wall.

{ Ladybug Craft }

Having fun painting and making a mess, as usual! LOL

EDIT: MAKE THIS CRAFT INTO A VALENTINES DAY CRAFT BY MAKING LITTLE HEARTS FOR THE BACK INSTEAD OF DOTS! After not crafting for a… how long has it been? Precisely! We haven’t been doing many crafts. I’ve been uninspired and just blah. I think I got burnt out during the holidays when we were doing […]

Mr. Monster Craft


It’s been a quiet day around here so far. Lorelai was getting restless so I asked if she wanted to do a craft. “YES!!!!” *squeals* Then I asked what she wanted to make and she quickly said, “A monster! A purple monster.” So Mr. Monster was born… He was made from: a paper plate, a […]

Reindeer Paper Plate Craft


I’ll admit it: I’m burnt out on Christmas crafts. I think it has to do with the stress of having to get everything done before Christmas, Máyo getting a lot of overtime this close to the holiday, etc. I’m grateful that he has the work and we could definitely use the money, but we still […]

{ Paper Plate Angel }

Working on the craft. She did the face all by herself, but I had to touch it up after because she just looked depressed - LOL.

Lorelai was practically squeaking with suppressed joy when she saw me get out the glitter from one of our craft boxes this morning. She ran around and around in circles, clutching it to her chest with a giant smile on her face. I wish I had got that on camera; it was pretty hilarious! Here […]

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