Paper Plate Apple Craft

Paper Plate Apple Craft

We are on an apple craft kick this week. I blame it on the fact that I’m finally in fall-mode. Don’t hate me for this, but this summer actually wasn’t that bad. We made the most of it. Lots of swimming pool adventures, morning park playdates, indoor playgrounds, and more. Add to that the fact that the temperatures didn’t stay at 110+ for very long, and we got rain, I’d say that this summer was a pretty good one! =) I’m still loving the cooler temperatures (mid-high 80’s) and the fact that my hair doesn’t frizz out anymore every time I step outside. Anyway, Lore and I are having fun with these apple crafts.

A couple of days ago, she used the printable apple I created and made a fun apple craft. And yesterday she did the apple printing. This craft was done right on the heels of the apple printing. The paper plate Lorelai was using as a paint pallette was about to get tossed in the trash with the excess paint when I stopped and realized we could use it. I gave Lorelai her apple back and she swirled the remaining paint around the paper plate. I then quickly cut out a stem and leaf and had her glue them down. Voila! A 3-minute apple. =) This was seriously so easy and I love that I didn’t have to pull out any extra paint materials.

I hope you get to make a fun paper plate apple with your child! Personalize it with a hand print in the middle or have them write “A a” or “Apple”.

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