Paper Plate Owl Craft


Another owl? Yes, another owl. If you don’t know, we’re just a bit owl & butterfly obsessed! Lorelai and I crafted this paper plate owl last week after supper when things were winding down. It was very simple and came out really cute!

Materials You’ll Need:
2 Paper Plates
Brown Paint + paintbrushes
Construction Paper: white & orange
Black Marker/crayon


  1. Have your child paint both paper plates. Set aside to dry.
  2. Once dry, cut one of the paper plates in half and glue them to the sides of the whole paper plate. You can look at the finished photo for reference… the half paper plates are the wings!
  3. On your orange construction paper, draw the beak and feet. Cut out and glue down.
  4. On your white construction paper, draw the eyes and color in the black parts. This is optional, as you could use large googly eyes instead.
  5. You’re done!

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