Paper Plate Santa Craft

Santa Craft - she looks so proud!

Painting & Gluing down the cotton balls

Lorelai was so excited about this Santa craft, which you can obviously see in the first picture above. She was “ho-ho-ho’ing” the entire time she was making it, LOL! It’s very simple to make and probably doesn’t need a how-to, but since it only takes a second to write it… enjoy!

Materials We Used

  • 1 Paper Plate (we used Styrofoam, but paper works best!)
  • Tan paint (white/brown mixed – you can use crayons too!)
  • Googly Eyes (or you can cut some out of paper like we did)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Red marker
  • Red construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Directions: Have your child paint the paper plate (Santa’s face) the tan/brown/whatever. While drying, cut out Santa’s hat out of the red construction paper. Just wing it! =) Glue down to the top of the plate. Pour some glue in a shallow dish or paint tray, and show your child how to dip the cotton balls into it to glue down. Glue a line of cotton balls at the base of the hat, one at the end/tip, and then around the outside of the paper plate to form Santa’s beard. I had Lorelai glue down an extra row at the bottom to fill in his beard. Then glue down the eyes and draw on the mouth… you’ve got yourself a santa!

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