Paper Plate Ladybug Craft


To finish up summer, we made a fun paper plate ladybug craft today! We have made another version of this craft a very long time ago, but decided to spin it a different way this time! Instead of using the whole paper plate, we made one with half of the plate. It was fun to make and turned out so cute!


– Paper Plate
– Scissors
– Writing Utensil (we used a sharpie)
– Paint (red and black) and paintbrushes
– Black construction paper
– Googly Eye
– Glue


– Cut the paper plate in half.
– With the sharpie, draw a line as shown in the photo above.
– Paint the bigger side red. You’ll want to start with this color since it’s lighter.
– Paint the smaller side black.
– Allow to dry.
– In the meantime, draw antennas onto the black construction paper. A white pen or crayon (or a metallic pen) can be used. Cut out and set aside.
– Once the paint is dry, use a circular sponge brush and paint on the dot circles onto the red size.
– Glue on the antennas and the googly eye.

I hope you get a chance to craft this ladybug with your child(ren). It’s a cute one!

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