Lion Mask Craft


Roar! Who doesn’t love a cute mask craft, especially if it’s a lion? I think this one turned out so cute and I’m excited to share. We actually crafted this at the same time we crafted the cheetah mask… I’m just way behind on blogging due to school starting & our upcoming move.

The materials you will need are: 2 paper plates, black & yellow paint, scissors, orange yarn, jumbo popsicle stick, and a paintbrush.

What we did:
– Hold the paper plate up to your child’s head and mark where his/her eyes are.
– Draw slightly slanted eyes around the markings.
– On the other paper plate, draw ears.
– Have your child paint both paper plates – the face one and where the ears are drawn.
– Help you child paint on the nose and smile.
– Once dry, cut out the eyes. I poked my scissors through and then carefully cut out the center of each eye.
– Cut enough yarn strips to go around the entire paper plate. I rolled the yarn around my fingers and then snipped through 10-20 strands at a time. It was much easier than cutting one string at a time.
– Glue down around the outside of the lion’s head.
– Cut out the ears and glue them behind the paper plate.
– Glue down or tape the jumbo popsicle stick.
– Once dry, play!!

This turned out to be a fun, classic lion craft. I helped a lot with the yarn as it was taking a long time. Lorelai ran around with her mask crafts and pretended to be a lion and a cheetah… cute!

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  1. I’m a librarian and I have to find crafts for my storytime program every week. I LOVE the craft ideas you post, and I LOVE that you make them free! Thanks for your creativity and generosity!


    Laura M

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