Olympic Rings Craft

Olympic Rings Craft- so simple!
Assembled - back

It’s time for the Olympics! Talk about the Olympics is everywhere these days, so I thought it’d be fun for Lore to do a craft of the Olympic rings. Did you know that each the rings represent the five major regions of the world? Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Lorelai, however, would tell you that blue is for swimming, red is for gymnastics, black is for running, green is for soccer, and yellow is for surfing. You’ve got to love a 4-year-old’s rationalization, haha.

Anyway this was really simple. I just cut the centers out of 5 paper plates. You can use scissors, but I used a pairing knife on my cutting board. Much easier! Lorelai painted, and once they were dry, I assembled. I had to cut a little slit in each ring to link it up with the next. You can glue them down for more security, but I found that using tape was MUCH easier.

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