Handprint Witch Craft


As I mentioned in our Handprint Monsters post the other day, we are huge fans of handprint crafts. I started doing them with Lorelai (7) when she was just a baby, and we have continued the fun throughout the years. Last weekend she made this adorable Handprint Witch! This one is super easy. Check out […]

Handprint Monsters Craft


Handprint crafts are our absolute favorite, but I have to say that these sparkly & fun handprint monsters take the cake. They turned out SO cute and were a blast to make. We’ll definitely be doing this one again. I found this glittery/confetti paint at Michaels on a recent trip and snatched it up. It […]

Handprint Dove Craft


With Christmas only a week away, I have been trying to squeeze in many simple holiday crafts. Since handprint crafts are our favorite, we did another one… a peace dove! We all loved how this one turned out and ended up hanging him on our fridge. We made ours using construction paper – I just […]

Native American Handprint Craft


Good morning, crafters! I’m so excited to bring this adorable handprint Native American to you all today. I saw a similar craft posted on a local Pottery Painting store and couldn’t pass up doing this with my daughter. When I told her this morning what I had in mind, she looked down at her hand […]

{ Handprint Spring Tree Craft }


We have done many handprint tree crafts in the past, but this is our first official spring tree! The tree outside of our patio is beginning to bloom. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that it finally lost it’s orange and yellow leaves. While Lore and I were playing with her […]

Handprint Snowflake Craft

Handprint Snowflake

I saw this adorable handprint snowflake project on what to do with children and knew immediately we would have to do it! Lorelai has been battling a tummy bug for the past couple of days and is finally starting to feel better. She asked to get crafty tonight and this was the first thing I […]

{ Handprint & Paper Roll Angel Craft }

Handprint Angel Craft

It has been a few days since we actually made this craft, but with everything going on lately, I just haven’t had time (or the desire) to blog it. This one is very simple and only took us a couple of minutes to do. We have done several other angel crafts in the past: Printable […]

{ Footprint & Handprint Reindeer Craft }

Footprint & Handprint Reindeer

We have done this craft before, but I guess I never got around to blogging it in years past. It’s so cute and simple. All you need is paint, a paintbrush, piece of paper, and hands & a foot. We did the foot first to get it out of the way, then the hands. Add […]

Handprint Nativity Animals

Handprint Nativity Animals Craft

I stumbled across this awesome craft from Planet of the Apels last night and knew we had to do it today. It’s so simple, yet packs a powerful punch. We did our Nativity Scene Craft yesterday and this went hand-in-hand with it. As the nativity craft didn’t have many animals, this was a great craft […]

{ Handprint Snowmen Craft }

Handprint Snowmen

I love how this one turned out. It was sooooo easy to do and it only took a few minutes. I saw this on Pinterest, but it was done on a blue Christmas ornament. I don’t have any plain large ornaments, so I switched the craft to paper. Cute!! Directions are simple: paint your child’s […]

{ Simple Handprint Reindeer Craft }

Handprint Reindeer Craft

Here is the other Handprint craft we did this morning. I’m sure we did this one last year, but I can’t find it on the blog to link to it. We did do these cute thumbprint reindeer and also a reindeer with handprint antlers. In addition to those, there is also the paper plate reindeer […]

{ Simple Handprint Christmas Tree }

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Ah, Christmas crafts… I’ve missed you! After doing a little non-stressful Black Friday shopping yesterday, we put up the Christmas tree. Yep, we are those people. Christmas crafts were surely soon to follow and they did – this morning! Lorelai was excited about this one. She loves Christmas trees and she loves getting her hands […]

{ Thankful Tree Craft }

Our Thankful Tree

Being thankful is a year-round thing, but doing a thankful tree is usually reserved for Thanksgiving time. We have much to be thankful for in my family – a warm (or cool) home, my husband’s job, which allows me to stay home with Lorelai, family and friends, our health, and much, much more. I have […]

{ Handprint Ghosts }

Handprint Ghosts

We are about to run out the door to go to a pumpkin painting playdate, so I’ll make it quick. =) Lorelai made some handprint ghosts last night. We did footprint ghosts last year (and the year before), so we were ready to switch it up some. Plus, handprints are so much easier than footprints. […]

{ Handprint Elephant Craft }

Easy Handprint Elephant Craft

I’ve seen many versions of this craft on Pinterest. Most don’t have a big pink ear – they just draw on the ear with a sharpie after the gray elephant is dry. Lorelai wanted the pink ear, though, so that’s the route we went. It’s a very simple process that doesn’t really require directions – […]

{ Handprint Hamster Craft }


I think this little guy came out pretty well considering I was just winging the entire thing! after making so many printables for Lore’s animal encyclopedia list, I decided to make the little hamster a handprint craft instead. No fun painting something that’s just a little blob! She loved it though! Materials We Used: Light […]

{ Paper Roll & Handprint Bald Eagle Craft }

Bald Eagle Craft

Happy Mothers Day! You’d think I’d get to take the day off of crafting, but little Lore was hearing nothing of it. I was able to put her off until around 2pm. At that point, she was getting supplies together herself. We usually keep crafting to the weekdays, but M got to see firsthand how […]

{ Handprint Sunflower Craft }

Handprint Sunflower

We crafted this adorable handprint sunflower craft a few days ago. We did a painted version of this one a while back, but I think I like this one much better. Materials We Used: 3 Pieces of Yellow Construction Paper 1 Piece of Black Construction Paper (or a paper plate, painted) 1 piece of Green […]

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