Handprint Mistletoe Craft


O’ Christmas tree, o’ christmas tree! I put up the tree on Friday and it is already halfway un-decorated thanks to our 6 month-old kitten, Nutmeg. I’m contemplating taking all of the ornaments off and just having a tree with red bows. LOL! Anyway, over the weekend we made a bunch of Christmas crafts. I’ve mentioned this a lot, but my young toddler loves making crafts. We’ve been doing a lot of handprint and footprint crafts to include her in the fun. We made this adorable handprint mistletoe with her.

Directions: I painted Maddie’s hands and pressed them onto cardstock. Once dry, cut out and glue together. Then add the pom poms. If you want to skip the paint, you can trace their hands onto green construction paper. I just love how the painted prints look when cut out. =)

A huge thanks to our friends at CraftProjectIdeas for giving us the pom poms for this fun project!

If you are looking for more fun Christmas crafts, check out Christmas Crafts Round-Up!.

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