Handprint Frankenstein Craft


Halloween is the time for sweet and spooky, and this craft fits both. We have made other Frankenstein Crafts — Printable & Paper Roll. This one is extremely easy – you just paint a hand, press & then draw on the face. So simple!

Materials: Paper, Green & Black Paint, Sharpie
Directions: Paint your child’s palm green, then their fingers black. Don’t paint the thumb. Gently press onto the paper, instructing them to keep their fingers together instead of spread apart. This may take a few tries – just reapply the paint and press down. (It took us two!) Paint or draw on the bolts, then draw on the face once the paint is dry. See? So easy!

I hope you get a chance to make this adorable frankenstein craft. Don’t forget to check out our Halloween Crafts Round-Up for more fun & spooky craft ideas.

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