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Fall is nearly here and we have are enjoying making new crafts. This is the first year I’m really doing anything with my 17 month-old, Madeline. We recently made this fall tree with her handprints and it turned out SO cute! This literally took less than 5 minutes to do. When you gather all of the supplies ahead of time, it is really easy to do.


Cardstock (it holds paint better than regular printer paper)
Brown construction paper
Paint: red, orange, yellow

– Draw a tree shape onto your brown construction paper. Cut out and glue down onto the cardstock paper.
– Paint one of your child’s hand one of the colors, quickly press onto the paper around the tree limbs twice.
– Wipe their hand off quickly with a paper towel, then repaint with the next color.
– Allow to dry, and you’re done!

– Sit your child in his/her high chair!
– My little one kept opening and closing her hand. When I was painting it, I kept telling her “open, open” and she would open her hand. When I went to press it onto the paper, she would ball her fist again. I told her “open” and the second she opened her hand, I pressed it quickly to the paper.
– Keep paper towels nearby to quickly wipe their hands immediately after you’re done with that color.
– Use separate paint brushes for each color so you don’t have to wash in-between.
– Keep it light and fun! If one of the hand prints smear, don’t stress over it! Just plop another one down on top. It’s really not meant to be perfect. =)

I hope you get a chance to do this one with your child. Mine really loved it, and so did I. I’m excited to do more crafts with her in the future. For now, check out some other fall crafts we have done, as well as some trees: autumn leaves tree, tissue paper tree

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