Handprint Hotel Transylvania Craft: Jonathan


What a fun craft this one turned out to be. I actually surprised Lorelai with this one. We were doing a handful of crafts this morning when I asked her to stick her hand out. I painted her palm a pale blue and her fingers orange. She had no idea what it was at first. When the paint dried, I drew on the face and HER face lit up. She was so excited about this since Hotel Transylvania is one of her favorite movies.

Materials & Directions are pretty straight forward – pale blue paint, orange paint, paper, black sharpie, & a brown crayon (optional). Use my photo above as a guide for drawing the face.

If your child loves Hotel Transylvania, be sure to do this one with them – they’ll love it! =) Looking for more spooky crafts? Check out our Haunted House Printable, Vampire Printable, Bat Printables, & our Halloween Round-Up!

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