Handprint Flamingo Craft


Flamingos are such beautiful birds, with their pink feathers and long necks. The last flamingo craft we made was this printable one four years ago! We revisted the animal recently with my eighteen month-old. She is taking after her sister and loving doing “crafffs”. =) Handprint crafts are the best thing at this age. Messy but doable.

We used a paper plate instead of paper this time and it turned out really cute. In hindsight, I should have painted the rim in pink polka dots or lines.


– Paper Plate
– Paint: Pink, Orange, Black (or a googly eye)

Directions: Quickly paint your child’s hand pink. Press down onto the paper plate with the thumb pointing towards the bottom. Paint on the neck, beak, eye, and legs. See photos above for reference.

We really loved how this one turned out. Some other fun handprint crafts we’ve done include a hummingbird, polar bear, monsters, fish, sunflower, penguin!

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