Handprint Spring Tree Craft


We have done many handprint tree crafts in the past, but this is our first official spring tree! The tree outside of our patio is beginning to bloom. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that it finally lost it’s orange and yellow leaves. While Lore and I were playing with her play dough this morning, she pointed out the tiny little green buds. Inspired, we sat down and did this quick and easy craft this afternoon.

What We Used:
Brown Paper, colored cardstock, or a piece of cardboard (we used 1 side of a recycled ziplock baggies box!)
1 Piece of Cardstock Paper
Green Tissue Paper
Stickers & Markers (optional)

What We Did:

  • Trace your child’s hand onto a piece of brown paper (or cardboard).
  • Cut out, and then glue down onto a separate piece of cardstock paper.
  • Cut out your tissue paper into tiny squares. I did mine quickly by folding it many times and then cutting.
  • Glue down the tissue paper around the branches (fingers) of the tree. Lorelai scrunched hers up into little balls to make them look like leaf buds.
  • Decorate your paper, and you’re done!

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