Handprint Fall Leaves Craft


Tis the season for leaf crafts galore, and we have a few more coming up before the fall season is over! Today, I’m sharing this super easy and ADORABLE handprint leaf craft. This turned out so much better than I anticipated. My 1.5 year-old pointed up at the jar of paintbrushes I have on my desk and asked, “craff pease!” (craft, please!) I can’t get over how verbal she has become, and yes, she asks to do crafts… several times a day! I have to tell her no more often than not, but this time I had time to pull out the materials for this one. It only took minutes and came out so cute!


– Paper plate
– paint: red, yellow, orange, brown
– paintbrush
– fine-tip marker or gel pen


Directions: This really is so easy, you probably don’t even need directions. Just paint your child’s hand, press down onto the paper plate. Have several plates on hand in case one smears too much. Just re-paint and press until you get what you want. This does NOT have to be perfect. You’ll be drawing on the leaf’s vains so a little smear is just fine. Allow to dry, then draw on the vains.

– Strip your little one down and secure them in a high chair. Have wet paper towels nearby to quickly wipe off their hand when you are done with the pressing. Get as much paint off as you can, but don’t wash until the very end.
– Start with the lighter colors first (yellow – orange – red – brown).
– When you go to do the vains, do the first and major vain from the tip of the middle finger, down through the middle of the palm, and then the stem out the bottom. Then start at the tip of the other fingers and meet at the middle line. You can also add little curved lines off of the middle line in the places where there are big spaces. See the example photos above.

Most important thing… NO STRESS ALLOWED. Seriously. =) Only do handprint crafts when you’re up to a little bit of toddler/kiddo wrangling. If you don’t have a fun mindset, your child won’t have fun, and that’s the whole point of messy crafts, right?! Happy crafting!!

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