People Rocks Craft

Lorelai eventually got bored with the sand box, so we decided to take the scooter out and hit the sidewalk paths. One great thing about these apartments are the paths – they are PERFECT for scooters and bikes. They go in all directions and the courtyard is a maze of them. Lorelai had fun scooting around on them, and stopping under every tree to pick up leaves. I’m planning on doing some leaf rubbings with her tomorrow, so our task today was to get some neat looking ones. We also got some rocks to paint!

Upon coming home, I found out that we left her paints and expensive brushes up in MD – crap! So we made do with glue and glitter. She didn’t want to add puff balls or feathers… just glitter hair, glasses, and lips. 🙂 She said these two rocks were mommy and daddy rocks! Aww!

I helped put the glue down, and she shook the glitter!

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