Paper Plate Spider Craft


Paper plate crafts are among our favorite to make, and this one was right up there. My 18-month-old even got in on the action! She’s beginning to paint and loves to make her “craffffffs!” This one was actually inspired by our Pom Pom Spiders that I posted earlier this week. Credit goes to Lorelai (9) for figuring out how we could utilize our larger paper clips as a spider craft.


– Paper Plate
– Paint
– Paintbrushes
– Clothespins (normal size)
– Googly Eyes
– Glue
– Marker


This one is super simple and really straight forward. Just paint your paper plate & clothespin tops and allow to dry. Once dry, clip on the clothespins to the plate. Then, glue on your googly eyes and draw on a mouth. See? Easy!!

I hope you enjoyed this one. Please send pictures of your child’s spider creations – we love to see them! Also, check out our Halloween Crafts Round-Up for more fun spider & holiday crafts. Happy crafting!

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