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Simple Paper Plate Elephant Craft

ZOO WEEK is this week’s theme, so for the craft today, I decided to let her make an elephant. She painted a paper plate. I cut out the ears and trunk (and eyes) and she stuck them to the wet glue. Simple, easy, and she had fun doing it. While I was taking pictures, she started to make another… hence the “baby” elephant. I wanted to use up the scraps of blue construction paper, hence the tiny ears and trunk – LOL

I wrote “elephant” twice – once in uppercase letters, and once in lower. She spelled it out for me. Doing it like this helps me know where she is having trouble remembering – like the lowercase “n” – she couldn’t remember it. I could have just gone through the alphabet, but it’s pretty tedious after a while. I like to shake things up. =P

More writing practice. She does pretty good at tracing, but has very little confidence when writing the letters on her own. I’m not concerned or pushing it though. She’s still only 2, and I’ve read in several different places online that writing shouldn’t be pushed so early, anyway. I’m not sure how accurate that is, or why, but it didn’t sway my concerned-ed-ness at all. 🙂

We had a pretty good day today. Lorelai slept horribly last night and ended up coming into our room sometime. She kept having bad dreams and would switch up the rooms every half hour.  Needless to say, it was a long night. We didn’t wake up until 10am when my dad called.

M worked late tonight – 4 hours of double time – woohoo! That’s really going to help us out. I’m going to try to buy a netbook or cheap laptop before our trip to Maryland in a few weeks. I was going to get a little DVD player for Lore on the plane, but a laptop would be nice so that I will have something to put my photos on without having to tie up my mom’s compie. Plus, you won’t believe how cheap you can get them these days. I don’t need anything special… just something to surf the web and watch movies on.

Anyway, both Lore and I are stoaked to see my family. It’s been over a year! So needless to say, way too long. I probably pumped her up about it too early because it’s all she talks about. She came into the living room where M and I were last night, and she was holding a pair of shoes, her big puffy princess dress (in anticipation for her princess bday party while we are there), and her stuffed unicorn. She was ready to get on the airplane to go see MiMi and PopPop! LMAO!!!

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