{ Safari Time }

Lorelai picked out this really cute search and find book at Barnes & Noble yesterday. She’s been clinging to it ever since – so much that she didn’t want to put it down to go to sleep. I finally had to tear it out of her fingers at 10 pm and hide it under the couch. Yes, I resorted to that. So anyway, first thing this morning, she got her book back and we did a craft (hence the PJ’s and messy hair).

Safari Adventure, which consists of two toilet paper rolls, paint, some stuffed animals (took search for) and a check list. She had oodles of fun painting the toilet paper rolls and was concentrating very hard on it. No pictures of the actual “safari” – the binoculars are still drying.

This is a fun and easy craft that pretty much anybody can do. In case you’re wondering, I glued the rolls together last night so that she could just go ahead and paint. You can use tape if you want.

And yes, she has to find her lost baby, which is perched on top of the dryer.

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