Handprint Penguin Craft

Handprint Penguin Craft for Kids

Tomorrow is National Penguin Day! To celebrate here on LCL, Lorelai did a classic handprint penguin. No worries – we are celebrating tomorrow as well with the playgroup. I’ll put that craft up tomorrow afternoon/evening. =) We haven’t crafted since last week since I had some health issues come up this past weekend, so she was really excited to dig in and get her hands dirty (literally).

This one took two tries. The first attempt, I painted around her palm and all of her fingers, then added white paint in the middle. Big, muddled mess. So she washed her hands and we tried again, this time leaving the middle without any paint and it worked MUCH better. I dabbled a little bit of white paint on the handprint after, but it wasn’t really necessary. The beak was made with construction paper, cut into the shape of a diamond and folded over. Then she glued down some googly eyes. See? VERY simple! =)

I hope you are able to do something penguin-y tomorrow, even if it is just eating krill (goldfish). Here’s our other penguin craft: Printable Penguin.

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