Handprint Sunflower Craft

Handprint Sunflower

We crafted this adorable handprint sunflower craft a few days ago. We did a painted version of this one a while back, but I think I like this one much better.

Materials We Used:
3 Pieces of Yellow Construction Paper
1 Piece of Black Construction Paper (or a paper plate, painted)
1 piece of Green Construction Paper
Pen/pencil for tracing the hand
Crayons (optional)

Just layer and fold the yellow construction paper two or three times, trace your child’s hand, and cut out. Cut out a giant circle (I used a paper plate to trace a circle onto the black construction paper) out of the black paper. Then glue down the hands around the circle. I did a circle around the outside of the black paper and Lorelai laid each handprint down. Next, cut out the stem and leaf, then glue down. Lorelai decorated the inside of the sunflower at the end. SO easy!

You can make this a lot smaller too. We just wanted to do a BIG craft. =)

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