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Two activities Lorelai thoroughly enjoys are drawing on her easel (the white board part) and playing with her blocks. About a month ago, I put the blocks up because they were just getting strewn everywhere and weren’t really being played with. I got them down a couple of days ago and it’s really all she has played with since. I love seeing her little mind working to figure out how she can put the blocks together to make the tallest tower she can get. With her little wooden blocks, she’s made a symetrical wall and tower that impressed both M and I – I just didn’t get pictures of it.

The other night while I was cooking dinner, she entertained me with pictures of “Monsters”. I was just looking at these and noticed the eyes are way more detailed. There’s actually a circle eye with a smaller circle inside. When she first started drawing faces, they were just little scribbles or dots. Awesome! Check them out:

This one was eating “cheese”… looks like a bird to me, LOL!

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