Printable Police Officer Craft


Lorelai was very restless this evening. Dinner and dishes were done, everything was quiet, and she was… BORED! Dun, dun, dun! It seems like she’s “soooooo booooooored” (her words) all the time. She turns 5 next month. This whole ‘bored’ phase shouldn’t be starting yet, right? Anyway, she ended up finding the police officer printable […]

Printable Zebra Craft

Printable Zebra Craft

White with black stripes, or black with white stripes? That’s the age old question regarding zebras. In our case, Lorelai chose to make her zebra white with black stripes. I was organizing the craft folders this weekend and was shocked to find that we hadn’t crafted one yet. At all. It went straight to the […]

Printable Airplane Craft

Printable Airplane Craft

Lorelai spent much of the weekend playing with the paper airplanes that she and her daddy made together. It was fun seeing them crouched over the laptop as they learned how to fold the paper into these really cool, aerodynamic shapes. They had to have made at least 10 different planes and spent a lot […]

My Little Pony Craft: AppleJack

Printable My Little Pony Craft

AppleJack was Lorelai’s latest My Little Pony request. She loves doing these, and tells me about all of the fun stuff they do while she paints them. Today was no exception! Print below and enjoy! Other Ponies: Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle & Pinkie Pie Open Applejack Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | […]

Missing Letters: ABC Apples

Missing Alphabet Apples

  I made this simple worksheet to test Lore’s ability to figure out missing letters in the alphabet. There are only 15 apples on the printable, but instead of printing two, I just did little sections of the alphabet wat a time. She flew right through it! I also tried her on numbers and she […]

Printable Rainbow Craft

Lorelai dipping the tip of the crayon in the low flame and pressing the crayon onto the rainbow paper.

    There are many ways to decorate this printable, but I wanted to try out a technique I saw (via Pinterest) on Helping Little Hands. This is one of those things that require common sense – is your child mature enough to do this with vigilant supervision? I had no doubt that Lore could […]

Printable Flamingo Craft


  Open Flamingo Printable Lorelai finally got a chance to do her requested flamingo craft this afternoon after a fun morning in the park with friends. She and some of her playgroup buddies got together and crafted at a local park ~ nothing in particular, they just had fun making pretty, glittery pictures. After we […]

Printable Angry Birds Crafts

Angry Birds Crafts

Lorelai is back on her Angry Birds kick. In fact, today was dubbed “Angry Birds Day” by Lorelai. In preparation for the big day (hehe) I ended up staying up really late last night making printables. This morning, I woke up to happy screeching, “ANGRY BIRDS CRAFTS!!!!!” We had to go out in the morning, […]

A Butterfly’s Life Cycle – Printable

Butterfly Life Cycle Printable

In case you haven’t caught on yet, today’s theme is the life cycle of a butterfly. Yes, a theme for the day, since we’re stuck inside waiting for our service guy to come fix our refrigerator door. I knew last night that I would have to dig deep and find a bunch of stuff to […]

{ Polaroid Word Activity }

f u n

I finally had a few minutes to make this polaroid word activity that has been bouncing around my head for ages. Remember in school how the teacher would give you paper that had a box to draw in, and underneath there were lines to write a story? Same concept, but on a much smaller scale. […]

Printable Alphabet & Numbers Worksheets

Lorelai coloring in her alphabet

Lorelai has known the alphabet (upper and lower) since she was two, but every now and again she’ll get tripped up on a letter if she doesn’t use/see it for a while. I made this very simple printable sheet with all of the letters in ‘bubble’ form so she could color them in. There are […]

Printable Otter Craft


Otters are possibly the cutest animal out there, next to kittens and puppies. The Marine Museum near my parents’ house has a couple in an outdoor exhibit. They are little show-offs and are always zooming around the water, coming up to the glass so the kids can get an up-close look. The last time we […]

Armadillo Printable Craft

Printable Armadillo Craft

Who doesn’t love a cute armadillo? Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an armadillo that wasn’t either scurrying across the street or, forgive me, roadkill. When we first moved to Texas I once swerved to miss one and almost ran off the road. It was quite a shocker for someone who has only seen […]

Printable Popsicle Craft

Printable Popsicle Craft

Summer isn’t summer without a popsicle or three. So this morning while I was cleaning up, Lorelai crafted these all on her own. She painted, cut out, and glued down the treats onto jumbo craft sticks. The paper sticks are included on the printable, but I think they’re much more fun this way. Warning, do […]

Printable Watermelon Craft… Version 2

Printable Watermelon Craft

Okay, so Lorelai did this watermelon craft last week. So why do another? For one, this one is different. Two, I was so disorganized a couple of weeks ago that I forgot that I even made the first one! I’m not kidding. Luckily, I didn’t do two of the exact same watermelon. =) This one […]

Printable My Little Pony Craft: Pinkie Pie

My Little Pony Craft, Pinkie Pie

Lorelai still isn’t tired of My Little Pony crafts, so I’m going to keep making them! Yesterday, she did Pinkie Pie, the pink, curly-haired pony. She forgot the cutie mark, but it is included on the printable! Print below and enjoy! Other Ponies: Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle Open Pinkie Pie Printable Printable Instructions | […]

Coconut Tree Craft

Coconut Tree Craft

Lorelai is a huge fan of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, an alphabet book by Bill Martin Jr. Whenever I tell her to pick out a few books to read, she almost always comes back with that one. Then she goes nuts during the ‘chicka chicka boom boom, will there be enough room?’ parts. I’m talking […]

Finding Nemo Printable Craft


Finding Nemo is such a cute movie. I remember seeing it in the theaters with a friend when it first came out. I also remember trying not to cry… and failing miserably. It’s just one of those movies that never gets old! Lorelai loved it as a young toddler because of all the bright colors, […]

Build-a-Face Printable Craft

Lorelai painting

Lorelai got so excited when she saw this craft, especially when she caught a glimpse of the “features” page that has a bunch of eyes, noses, mouths, earrings, glasses, and a mustache! This was recommended by a couple of LCL readers – Lydia and Geri. Thanks so much for the idea! Both had great ideas […]

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