Printable Princess Craft: Snow White

Printable Snow White Craft

The first three things I heard this morning: “How do you spell ‘fluttershy’? Can I have breakfast? Can we pleeeease do the snow white craft today?” Lorelai was ready to get things started this Sunday morning! Last night, with her sitting beside me, cheerleading me on, I finally caved and made her a Snow White […]

Printable Flower & Pot Craft

Printable Flower & Pot Craft

This one was inspired by a pin I ran across on Pinterest yesterday. Lorelai was sitting beside me, spotted it, and immediately asked to make it the colorful, painted flower. It wasn’t a printable so I quickly made one. She had fun using a bunch of different colors. I can’t find the original pin, but […]

Printable Helicopter Craft


This craft has been on our list for ages, so Lore was very happy to see it come together today. I asked her if she wanted to paint it a bunch of different colors, but she just wanted it black. If it works for her, it works for me! Print below and enjoy! Open Helicopter […]

My Little Pony Craft: Fluttershy

Printable Fluttershy Craft

The final My Little Pony craft is here! Lorelai was looking forward to this one all day. We finally got around to painting it after dinner this evening. I have a pretty wicked cold right now, so I laid down for a little bit and my husband finished it up with her. Little did I […]

Printable Sasquatch Craft

Printable Sasquatch Craft

This craft was pretty far down on our long list of crafts to do. Last night, I was reading out our upcoming crafts to Lorelai and she jumped all over the bigfoot craft. Her favorite movie is Harry and the Hendersons, the endearing flick about a family that runs across a Sasquatch on a camping […]

Printable My Little Pony Craft: Rarity

Printable My Little Pony Craft: Rarity

Rarity is the latest in a whole bunch of My Little Pony crafts that we have done. I don’t think I need to mention how much Lorelai loves that TV show. She was so excited to see this one sitting on the kitchen table this morning, ready to be painted. As you can see, it’s […]

Printable Chicken Craft

Printable Chicken Craft

Cluck, Cluck! We were way overdue for a cute chicken craft. Lorelai crafted this one this morning in record speed, thanks to the minimal colors. In hindsight, I should have cut a couple of eggs out of white construction paper (or cardstock) to go along with this chicken. Maybe that’s why she’s squawking. =) Print […]

Printable Ballerina Fairy Craft

Printable Ballerina Craft

Somebody please tell me how it’s Sunday already?! This weekend has flown by! On Friday, Lorelai and some of her friends from the playgroup got together at a local park and had a play dough playdate. We all had a great time, and the kids had a BLAST making play dough popsicles, cookies, and more. […]

Princess Crown Craft with Printable

Finished princess crown!

This craft has been on my to-make craft list since the beginning of MAY. Yep, you read that right. May. I finally got around to making it this week, and Lore and I crafted it this evening after dinner. It was so simple to make and turned out wonderfully. Lorelai has been dancing around with […]

Printable Dinosaur Craft: Triceratops

Triceratops Printable Craft

Lorelai crafted this triceratops today while I was folding laundry, hence no process pictures. She was excited to do another dinosaur since it has been a while. The last one she did was the “Long Neck“, and the one before that, the T-Rex. Print below and enjoy! Open Triceratops Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of […]

Cat Mask Craft with Printable

Printable Cat Mask

All credit to this one goes to Lorelai. She came up to me this afternoon while I was making printables and asked me to make a cat mask for her. I thought it was a great idea, and was planning on saving it for later in the week. However, M (my husband) called and said […]

Printable School Bus Craft

School Bus Printable Craft

School is right around the corner for us! Well, part-time pre-K, anyway. Although Lore won’t be riding a school bus, she is still very excited about her first adventure at school. Print below and enjoy! Open School Bus Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Printable Cow Craft

Printable Cow Craft

Lorelai and I sat down and brainstormed some “new” crafts a few days ago. We realized that we hadn’t crafted a cow besides the paper plate cow ages ago. Another obvious, common animal that we skipped right over. So I went to work and made a cute printable cow for her to paint and assemble. […]

Printable Firetruck Craft

Printable Firetruck Craft

To go along with her Firefighter Craft from the other day, I made a firetruck printable for Lore to craft. We were supposed to do this one yesterday, but we were out for four hours running errands yesterday. Her birthday party is scheduled and paid for, she’s signed up for gymnastics, then we went shopping […]

Printable Police Officer Craft


Lorelai was very restless this evening. Dinner and dishes were done, everything was quiet, and she was… BORED! Dun, dun, dun! It seems like she’s “soooooo booooooored” (her words) all the time. She turns 5 next month. This whole ‘bored’ phase shouldn’t be starting yet, right? Anyway, she ended up finding the police officer printable […]

Printable Zebra Craft

Printable Zebra Craft

White with black stripes, or black with white stripes? That’s the age old question regarding zebras. In our case, Lorelai chose to make her zebra white with black stripes. I was organizing the craft folders this weekend and was shocked to find that we hadn’t crafted one yet. At all. It went straight to the […]

Printable Airplane Craft

Printable Airplane Craft

Lorelai spent much of the weekend playing with the paper airplanes that she and her daddy made together. It was fun seeing them crouched over the laptop as they learned how to fold the paper into these really cool, aerodynamic shapes. They had to have made at least 10 different planes and spent a lot […]

My Little Pony Craft: AppleJack

Printable My Little Pony Craft

AppleJack was Lorelai’s latest My Little Pony request. She loves doing these, and tells me about all of the fun stuff they do while she paints them. Today was no exception! Print below and enjoy! Other Ponies: Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle & Pinkie Pie Open Applejack Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | […]

Missing Letters: ABC Apples

Missing Alphabet Apples

  I made this simple worksheet to test Lore’s ability to figure out missing letters in the alphabet. There are only 15 apples on the printable, but instead of printing two, I just did little sections of the alphabet wat a time. She flew right through it! I also tried her on numbers and she […]

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