Finding Nemo Printable Craft


Finding Nemo is such a cute movie. I remember seeing it in the theaters with a friend when it first came out. I also remember trying not to cry… and failing miserably. It’s just one of those movies that never gets old! Lorelai loved it as a young toddler because of all the bright colors, […]

Build-a-Face Printable Craft

Lorelai painting

Lorelai got so excited when she saw this craft, especially when she caught a glimpse of the “features” page that has a bunch of eyes, noses, mouths, earrings, glasses, and a mustache! This was recommended by a couple of LCL readers – Lydia and Geri. Thanks so much for the idea! Both had great ideas […]

Printable Noah’s Ark Craft

Printable Noah's Ark Craft

This is another craft that has been on my to-make list for a while now. I finally got around to making it last night. Lorelai enjoyed hearing the story of Noah’s Ark today before the craft. She learned all about Noah and how he built and shepherded two of each animal onto his ark. Then […]

Printable Dragon Craft

Printable Dragon Craft

Open Dragon Printable Lorelai is a huge fan of Dragon Tales, the old kids television show about a little girl, Emme, and her brother Max, who travel to Dragonland. She has been watching it whenever she gets on Netflix, and loves that I used to watch it when I was younger, too. I finally got […]

Printable Watermelon Craft

Printable Watermelon Craft

Watermelons just scream ‘summer’ to me! Who doesn’t love a nice, juicy slice of the yummy summertime fruit? It seemed like the perfect craft to do today! Lorelai did this one all on her own – painted it, cut it out, and then drew on the seeds. I provided seeds on the printable, but they […]

{ Printable Ice Cream Craft }

Finished Painting, now waiting to dry, cut, and assemble!

Lore was so excited when she saw me print this out. So excited that she actually badgered me about doing it until I finally gave in after my home chores were done. She wanted to do the colors exactly like the example on the printable. Chocolate, Bahnilla (vanilla), and Strawberry. A perfect summertime craft! Print […]

Pail & Shovel Summer Craft

Pail & Shovel Craft

Summer is well underway and I realized that we haven’t done many summer-y crafts. Sure, we’ve done tons of aquatic animals (see the Craft Archive), but nothing geared specifically for summer. As a child, my summers usually consisted of bike rides, ice cream, and a family vacation to the beach. We always had a pail […]

My Little Pony Craft: Twilight Sparkle


Last week we did another My Little Pony craft: Rainbow Dash. Lorelai requested that Twilight Sparkle be next, so that’s who we did this time. I don’t know much about the My Little Ponies since I don’t watch them with her (my husband, on the other hand, can name all of them) but I was […]

Printable Weight Chart

Free Printable Weight Chart

I’m always on the lookout for new tools to aid my weight loss journey. A while ago I made a simple weight loss printable that was very plain. I spruced it up a bit yesterday and am now offering it for printing. I hope someone is able to use it!! Laminate and use a dry-erase […]

Printable Camel Craft


This one has been sitting on my coffee table for almost a week. Lorelai finally picked the camel to craft today. She had a hard time coming up with a good color for him. She chose orange first, then pink, but decided she has too many pink crafts. She finally settled on yellow. So here’s […]

Printable Mushroom Craft

Printable Mushroom Craft

Lorelai crafted this one yesterday…. all by herself! She painted, cut out, and glued everything all on her own. =) The printable itself is really simple and straight forward. If you know your child will have a hard time missing the white circles, color the inside of the circles with white crayon. The waxy crayon […]

Printable My Little Pony Craft: Rainbow Dash


Lorelai has had this obsession with the My Little Pony show for about 6 months now. Before our trip to Maryland last month, she came up to me and asked if I would make her a MLP craft. How could I say no? Wellll, it went onto the backburner while we were on vacation, but […]

Printable Koala Craft


I LOVE koalas! Seriously, how cute are they?! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to make a printable koala, but here it is! Lorelai chose to paint hers brown and pink. Unfortunately, I was out of brown/green/black construction paper so I couldn’t make this one a limb to hang onto. Lorelai was […]

Printable Rhino Craft


I made a bunch of printables last night and Lorelai was happily surprised this morning when she woke up and saw them sitting on the table. She chose to do the rhino first, and she chose to paint him orange. Only my kid! =) Print below. Open Rhino Printable Facts About Rhinos Black rhinos are […]

Printable Alligator Craft

Printable Alligator Craft

Yes, we’ve been busily crafting this afternoon! After a fun playdate this morning with a bunch of awesome mamas, Lorelai and I ran some errands, ate lunch, then started doing crafts. She did the house and shapes today as well! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! That’s what I heard the entire time Lorelai was painting this alligator. […]

Basic Shapes Printable

Lorelai painting

I wanted to make a printable set with basic shapes, and this is what I came up with. Instead of just having Lorelai paint the shapes like usual, I used a white crayon to write the names inside of the shapes. Then she used watercolors to go over. We did this technique before on this […]

Simple House Craft with Printable

Simple House Craft

Lore had been asking me to make her an “easy” craft to cut, and the first thing I thought of was a house. With very simple shapes (squares, rectangles, and a pentagon), this printable was great for my little beginniner cutter. Not only did she have fun, but she’s “learning” in the process. Print below! […]

Printable Squirrel Craft

Lore's squirrel

Lorelai crafted a squirrel this morning and assembled it this afternoon. This was on my to-do craft list for our Maryland visit, but we never got around to it. When we would ride the four-wheeler around on the farm, Lorelai would spot out squirrels in the trees and on the road. She got excited every […]

Printable Unicorn Craft

Unicorn Craft

Per Lorelai’s request, I made her another unicorn craft to paint and assemble. We did this one ages and ages ago, but I wanted to switch things up this time. She painted it this afternoon after we got back from the pool. (She swam without floaties for the first time today – eek!!) Open Unicorn […]

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