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Printable Playdough Mats: G & H


Playdough mats are a fun way to learn while playing! Whether your child is now learning his/her letters, letter sounds, or you are just in need of a fun diversion, these playdough mats can help. Some like to print and just color, and that’s okay, too! I just call them Playdough Mats because that’s what they are intended for – printing, laminating (or sticking into a sheet protector), and play. My daughter basically “colors” the mat and the letters with playdough. She loves them! See our other Playdough Mats here.

Open “G” Playdough Mat & Open “H” Playdough Mat

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  1. You are fabulous!! Taking a trip to Hawaii with 5 kids this will keep me sane!! Thanks! We are taking playdough and dry erasable items!

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