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Butterflies, butterflies, giant butterflies! =) I’ve been wanting to do this craft for weeks, and I finally got around to making it last night. Lorelai was thrilled to wake up to the sheets sitting on the kitchen table this morning. Yes, I said ‘sheets’… four, to be exact. It’s worth it, though! This giant butterfly is super cute. It’s also very easy to cut out for those of you out there with beginner cutters. (Well, not really the eyes and antennas, but the rest of it.) I had to go back and take another picture with Lorelai holding the craft because the first picture didn’t really show its size. It’s pretty big! We have done many butterfly crafts in the past. Check them out!

Open Giant Butterfly Printable

Past Butterfly Crafts:

Okay, now onto this craft… print below! They are pretty much self-explanatory after they come out. Each wing and part is labeled. A good tip- paint lightest color to darkest, 1 color at a time. Enjoy!

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