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Printable Playdough Mats: A & B


A couple of weeks ago, I put up two spring-themed, printable playdough mats and they were a bit hit. I mentioned in the post that I would be working my way through the alphabet, and here I am! My daughter is 5.5 and has known her ABCs for years, but she still loves playing with these mats. It’s like coloring with play dough! =) Excuse the crappy Instagram pictures above; my camera was charging and had to make due with my phone.

I’m in no rush to do these, but if you need a certain letter soon, please comment and let me know! I don’t mind doing them out of order; as I said, they are just for play here. Print below!

Open “A” Playdough Mat & Open “B” Playdough Mat

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  1. I think you could sell these on Etsy! …I would buy the series for my kiddos, would make a great gift for b-day parties we are always invited to, and I would also buy a couple sets for my classroom!

  2. I love your site – lots of creative ideas for home and school. A great resource!

  3. I love these…I hope you have the set done for next school year. I will be teaching young autistic students and these would be great. I love the fact that they are hands on…they are just what I need for the classroom. They could be sold as a set/

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