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I made these quick pick-a-chore tabs a while back – like months ago. I just unearthed them from a buried folder on my computer and decided they should be posted. I don’t have any pictures of these guys in action, but they are pretty handy for those who have kids (like mine) who hate doing chores. There are 4 color varieties – green, gray, blue, and pink. They are all in the same PDF grouping. You can select a single page to print (in the printing properties) or print one of each like I did.

Chore examples:
Make your bed, put dirty clothes in laundry hamper, pick up toys, wipe baseboards, wax tables, wipe doorknobs, put your clothes away, organize your books, sweep around litter boxes, windex appliance fronts, put away shoes, organize dollhouse, help with dishwasher, help fold clothes, wipe down patio furniture, put stuffed animals and babies in baskets, rinse out cat bowls, empty dryer, wax bottoms of chairs

Of course, most of those are just examples. You can add to or take away, depending on your child’s age. Lore could do most of that with no problem (obviously not all at once). I would aim for 2-3 chores a day.

You could also keep it simple by just printing one sheet and writing their daily chores on each tab. Have them do each chore and put the tab in a “finished” jar. Repeat each day. There are a bunch of different ways to approach it. Here is another chore chart that I made a while back, in case the tabs aren’t your thing.

If you do this, please leave a comment below and let me know how it’s working out with your little one(s). Do you do basic chores every day or let them pick random chores? If you have any other chore suggestions, also leave them below. It’d be great to expand the list so that others can have more of a variety to pick from!

Open Chore Tabs Printable

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